Eric's Campaign

The Story So Far

How the party got here

battlem.jpg After a realm wide war our current heroes come out as the victors. The group is already well known through their proven triumphs and tactics in battles throughout the years. With war still fresh in everyone’s memories the group will be looked at as the heroes they are.

Five years ago a war erupted when a small rift in the Shadowfel was torn open by a school of Mages. What first started as small groups of monsters raiding the borderlands quickly turned into undead armies pillaging the kingdoms of the sovereign races. The overwhelming speed of the undead armies combined with the slowed reaction of the complacent Kings and Queens soon tipped the scales into the enemy’s favor.

Some soon started to ally themselves with the undead. Human, dwarven and elven armies started to appear who aligned themselves with the monsters of the Shadowfell for a chance to rule a conquered world.

The remaining pockets of resistance soon started falling, one by one. With the enemy marching towards the Capitals all seemed lost.

Our heroes made a last ditch effort to destroy the rift between this world and the Shadowfell.

Though their unit was mostly lost, these men and women all but destroyed the rift. With the Shadowfell’s grasp on our world weakened and their supply line cut off the undead armies have scattered.

Because of our party this world has a chance.


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