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New Campaign!

Game Day: Mike’s Birthday. 7:00PM

Alrighty boys and girls. We’re starting a brand new campaign. Sad? Scared? Mad? I DON’T CARE! Here’s the rules of the game.

First off we will all be creating characters at level 11. But what about your old ones? I don’t know. They all died. Cry. There will be no dice rolls of your stats. We’ll be using an array which is: 12, 12, 13, 17, 18.


  • No crazy ass races. Not sure? Ask the DM. No you cannot be a hill giant.
  • No crazy ass backgrounds. Not sure? Ask the DM. No Vampires with a Werewolf background.
  • No crying

If you’d like more info on where your characters are starting click the Adventure Log to your left. As the campaign progresses the adventure log will be updated.

Home Page

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